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The horse is a very close-to-human animal, since he has been domesticated more than five thousand years ago. Affectionate, loyal and gladly player, he is the perfect companion. There are miscellaneous different breeds, each one with its own special features. Among these breeds, the quarter horse distinguish itself in many ways: that is why we wanted to share with you our passion of this beautiful amercian breed, and maybe help you in making your choice if you intend to buy a horse but you do not know which one choose.

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Our blog is specialized in quarter horses: so you will be able to find a lot of information about the breed, the latest news about the famous quarters, and the classified ads to sell or buy a horse. You will aslo be able to chat online on our forum with thousands of other lovers, and share your tips and tricks.

The quarter horses

The quarter is a horse breed born in the United States of America during the sixteenth century: in those days, the settlers particularly enjoyed the horse races, and they wanted to combine the abilities of the english horses with the ones of the horses who were already on the territory: so they crossed both, and obtained the quarter we know from now on. He was mainly used to run the quarter-mile races, hence his name. But the enthusiasm for these races were gradually replaced by longer races: so the purebred Arab was favored, and the quarter was used for yoking. It is a quite small, but extremely nimble and swift horse. Of a sweet and even placid nature, the quarter horse is also very brave and robust. Nowadays he is still very common in the USA, and especially in the western area: his handling ability, his speed and his stamina make him perfect to do barrel race or trek for example. Moreover, thanks to his peaceful nature, the quarter is also a very appropriate horse to learn horse riding, especially for the kids.