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How to avoid pain while horse riding

Riding is an exciting sport practiced by men, women and children alike. But just like any sport, it is not without risk, especially when it is practiced intensively. Here are some tips that will help you avoid pain or back problems while riding.

How to practice riding effectively?

To prevent accidents, never forget to bring your helmet when you are going to train. To protect your back in the event of an accidental fall, you can don your back protector. Also remember to hydrate yourself especially if you plan a training that will last more than an hour. A good intake of vitamin C and salt will reduce the risk of fatigue and cramps. Riders are also prone to common back pain. However, this should not stop you from indulging in your favorite sport. Because despite these constraints, riding remains a sport that strengthens the abdominals and back. It allows a good maintenance of the spine by muscling the back. In order to practice riding effectively, you must combine good nutrition, physical preparation upstream and good equipment.

How to avoid back pain when riding?

If it is practiced too intensively, riding can represent a real danger for the back, and the body in general. You must not exceed 3 hours of training per day. It is important to use a riding saddle that fits your body and gives you all the comfort you need to improve your skills. You must also be concerned about the needs of your pet, because the riding saddle chosen should be perfectly adapted to its size to allow it to move easily. If you start, you can test cwd used saddles to find your rhythm more easily. You must also learn to ride well by working your posture regularly. Joint and muscle heating is also essential. To avoid pain during the practice of riding, you must have appropriate equipment and have good physical preparation. You will be sure to be at the top of your performance.