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Male or female horses : which are better for beginners?

Riding is an activity that everyone wants to master, but to tell the truth, you have to go through several steps to get there, and years of practice are necessary. The first step is often the most difficult but once crossed, the rest is a breeze. Riding will become your favorite hobby. You want to pass the beginner level to have a perfect mastery? It is important to know how to choose your horse and especially to know which is the most suitable sex, weigh the pros and cons to start well. This article will help you to see more clearly.

Why not choose a mare?

As with almost all animal breeds, females are often more irritable than males because of hormones. It is not at all an asset for the latter. This is one of the reasons why you should not choose a mare. In addition, they can be very capricious. In case you particularly want to ride a female horse for your first riding lessons, choose one that has been made unsuitable for breeding. Why ? Because they are less agitated and more docile. In addition, mares often have fewer physical abilities than horses. Use training or riding experts to learn everything you need to know.

Everything can depend on the horse in question

The qualities and defects of a horse or a mare are only a generality. Their characters do not necessarily depend on their gender. Some sites for fine used saddle can tell you more. In general, male horses adapt better and faster so they would be more suitable for beginners but this is not always the case, there are always exceptions. It would be best to discuss it with those who drew it up, no one can know them better. It can also be a matter of equipment. For those who like challenges, choose a male. Their physical abilities are higher and they are sometimes full of surprise. When you start learning, pay attention to what the trainer will tell you, not only about riding lessons, but also about the horse you ride.