quarter horses

See here for an insight into restored horse riding equipment

Today, Equitack can offer you a range of saddles and high-end accessories and equipped with the best technology that will allow you to improve your comfort, that of your horse and your sports performance. See here the various horse equipment restored!

What to consider with riding

Riding is often considered as an art, as a hobby, or as a sporting activity. The most common is equestrian sport, in which we can note several disciplines such as show jumping, dressage and the all-around riding competition, horse riding, endurance, circle acrobatics, horse riding. In any case, it is necessary to train the horse and to prepare him so that he is well at ease and fit to be ridden by a rider.

Restore with Equitack

Equitack can rehabilitate any riding equipment (bridles, protections, saddles, harnesses, shaps, boots, blankets ...). The materials used are first choice and everything is done so that the leathers used are as close as possible to the original leathers. For the oldest pieces, it is possible to perform the restoration using the same techniques as those used in their manufacture.

Tree repair

You have a broken saddle at the level of the right paw leg: the arch is broken, the wooden part breaks up, the bindings are broken and the knife is no longer fixed at the front. The restoration is possible because it is a tree in wood and metal, it would not be possible on a tree in resin. After being properly repositioned, the arch was rewelded, the rebuilt wood part and three returned nails were replaced.


Replacement of a torn saddle seat with gooseneck. The leather used is a thick full grain calf (2.0 / 2.2 mm). The foam of the seat cushion has also been replaced.

So, when this is possible, Equitack offers a repair that reinforces the damaged part and allows a better longevity of the material, in respect of its aesthetics.