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The specialists in saddles restoration

Are you looking for a specialist in saddle restoration? You are on the right place! Discover equitack, a high-end saddle manufacturer. It repairs and restores the stool so as to provide an irreproachable quality.

The need to preserve one's saddle intact

The quality of the leather, the harness, the buckles and the method of maintenance applied affect the resistance of the saddlery of your horse over time. The place of storage is also to be taken into consideration to maintain its quality. However, with the many equestrian outings, under the sun, in the heat or sometimes in muddy environments, saddlery of the horse is subjected to severe tests. Cracks, creases and even bumps may appear.

The appearance of imperfections on the saddlery of the horse

You often ask yourself how bumps or cracks may appear on your equestrian equipment. The bumps are explained by inadequate storage of leather. On the other hand, the formation of "wrinkles" comes solely from the passing of time. The leather is resistant and tear-resistant thanks to its collagen composition. However, when riding regularly, bumps and creases form on your saddle. They are due to a temporary but regular load and to unilateral pressure on certain areas. This moves the material, which forms irregularities.

Equitack is your spare wheel

They perfectly clean the saddlery of the horse with a soft cloth and a stripper / degreaser. By letting it dry, the cracks to be repaired are better distinguished. Using a foam pad, they apply the colored resin with light touches on the cracks. After they have to let it dry to see the quality of their work.

Finally, to protect the saddlery of the horse and prevent weather, such as weather, degrade the material again, they spend a leather wax with a clean cloth. This product leaves a protective and slightly shiny film on the saddle.

So, if you want to use a saddle repair or restoration service, do not hesitate to contact Equitack, the perfect manufacturer for you.