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Tips on how to choose horse saddles

The saddles are the very hard work, because it is not easy to find the best one. The truth is, saddles take care of three things, the size of the rider, the activities that you practice and the marks. We will see all the points of the saddles selection.

The saddles that will allow you

Each person had his own morphology, that’s why better to choose the saddles with the kind of seat that give you the comfort. The saddles of children is different than for an adult. We call “bardette”, the saddles for a young and a prodigy person, so it is for his first riding. You will see that the fender is different with this kind of addles. It’s depend of your practice because a saddle for training, for jumping and for hiking are different. If you train your horse, better to choose a saddle with the fender placed on his front and backside. If it is for a jump, the fender will be inclined to support the leg and the feet of the rider. The saddles for hiking is different, because we care for his design, and for his size.

Take a measure of your horse

When you buy the saddles then you better to choose the used one, because it is easy to manipulate and it is on a leather material. Yes, you need a time to take care of the leather but if you buy some product, you will be satisfied of the result. And a leather resists you for many years, and if you choose the best marks, like Cwd or Antares, Hermes and others, you will see that it is light with his good sewing. A synthetic saddles is easy to clean, but it doesn’t resist you at all. When you arrive into the shop, you will see a model fixed of back’s horse. You put there your saddles and look if it is in the middle of the garrote. If you take a look inside, you will see better the light on the other side. We have to measure the weight if the garrote is on his right level, and it will be able to pass three fingers above the withers and two fingers on the other side.

Once we have finished riding our horse, the traces of sweat must be absolutely symmetrical and uniform, if not the saddles are not good for your horses.