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What you need to know when looking for a quality saddle

Looking for a high quality riding saddle but do not know which model to choose? Why not seek the advice of a saddler fitter, because a horse saddle must be suitable for your horse and must also fit to your morphology. No matter what discipline you practice, you will find on https://equitack.com many models of used saddles given away at the best price.

Saddle for which discipline

There are many equestrian disciplines: dressage, cross country, jumping, hiking, etc. For each of them, there is an adapted type of saddle. You must first define your expectations. If you practice a bit of everything, you will need a mixed or versatile riding saddle. But if you participate in a sports competition, you will be interested in buying a special saddle. To win, your horse will have to be perfectly free in his movements. And a badly adapted saddle could decrease the comfort of your mount. Not all saddles are suitable for all horses. If you ride several horses for each discipline you practice, it is best to acquire a saddle for each of them. If you own a young horse, avoid buying a high-end saddle at exorbitant prices because being in full growth, the saddle may suit him very long.

What budget to invest for a riding saddle

The most successful stools are often the most expensive. However, you also have the opportunity to buy good used saddles from some saddlery. You have the choice between leather saddles and synthetic saddles. Check that the pommel is in good condition, that the padding does not need to be reworked, etc. You can call a saddler fitter if you do not know how to distinguish a saddle of quality from a saddle in bad condition. The saddle must allow the rider to feel good in his movements. It must also be adapted to the horse.